Video Snippets by Cheri

Dave Liebman Big Band
Performing during the Lake George Arts Project – 30th Annual Jazz Weekend

I enjoy live music and at times record segments of performances. At times I will share those snippets and video compilations with you.


Here is one:

David Liebman Big Band – 30th Annual Jazz Weekend 2013

Dave Liebman, saxophonist, flutist, composer, arranger and band leader brings us his New York based Dave Liebman’s Big Band, (DLBB).
Dave Liebman Big Band performs during the Lake George Arts Projects 30th Annual Jazz Weekend in Lake George, New York at Shepard Park, on Sunday, September 15, 2013, under the direction of Gunnar Mossblad.

SAXOPHONES: Gunnar Mossblad, Lead Alto, director; Tom Christensen, alto; Dave Riekenberg, tenor; Tim Ries, tenor; Jay Brandford, baritone.
TRUMPETS: Bob Millikan, lead, Brian Paresch, Dave Ballou, Patrick Dorian.
TROMBONISTS: Tim Sessions, Scott Reeves, Sam Burtis, Jeff Nelson.
RHYTHM: Jim Ridl, piano; Vic Juris, guitar, Tony Marino, bass; Mark Marcinko, drums.

Digital video recording by M. Cheri Bordelon of for the Lake George Arts Project.

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Special thanks to Pat Dorian and everyone else in Dave Liebman Big Band!