An Eventful Summer

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Its been a super busy summer covering gallery openings, plays and music events for local press. It was great! Now looking out across the landscape as all the beautifully brilliant fall leaves have fallen due to dipping temperatures at night, winds and rain… we’re slowly entering… winter.

Before I say a final goodbye to summer 2014, I’ll share a few photos with you from those events…..


MarciaBall_299MCBny2014 MarciaBall_187MCBny2014 MarciaBall_229MCBny2014 MCB-7-2_529LGAP-14-2 MCBny_Eric_301Lindell-4 AlbertCummings_064MCBny JCotton_476MCBny JCotton_163MCBny-2 JCotton_182MCBny JCotton_623MCBny

StonyCreekBand_040MCBny2014 StonyCreekBand_033MCBny2014 JefferyBroussard_681MCBny2014
JefferyBroussard_562MCBny2014 JAZZ-Lake14_061MCB JAZZ-Lake14-day2_1886MCB JAZZ-Lake14_562MCB JAZZ-Lake14_980MCB JAZZ-Lake14_1803MCB JAZZ-Lake14_1943MCB