Maple in April Festival in Hadley, NY

Well, even though I have today off, I’m busy working on website edits for my own site and for a client site.

Edits for the client site is the Hadley Business Association site, they’ve requested to add updates and details for the upcoming 10th annual “Maple in April” festival.

The festival is another of my favorites! A great reminder that even though winter was both tough and beautiful, spring is on the way!


Bands & Beans 2014 – Ready to Celebrate Spring!

After growing up in the ‘Heart of Cajun Country’ then moving far away from ‘home’, I’ve in Alaska for 14 years during young adulthood, then relocated to the Adirondacks, I can attest to the fact that I thoroughly enjoy the full four seasons that occur here in Upstate, NY.

New York is about to go through a great transition after a harsh, and abnormally cold winter into what feels like a magical spring.

The one main event that reminds me that spring is on it’s way is Bands & Beans – the annual fundraising event held by the Lake George Arts Project.

There are on average 1,500 plus who attend this event!

This year Bands n Beans will be on Sunday, March 2, 2014 from 2pm-7pm at the Roaring Brook Ranch in Lake George, NY.


Chili cook off an live bands
Chili cook off an live bands