Spring is moving right along and so are photo gig bookings!

Spring and summer are generally busy times with requests for event photo coverage, private photo session bookings and wedding photography.

If you need event coverage, a second shooter or are pressed to fill press coverage send me an email to verify availability! Slots are filling up fast.

I’ve been covering events for a few years and work on solo assignments for private events in the public and private sector. ¬†Low light scenarios, performance, promotional imaging, live entertainment, head shots, family, reunions, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, action sports, product and art photography are my specialty.

Currently I’m working on private, behind the scenes while cast and crew gets ready for a big performance.

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Sunday Photo Journey

Well, I have Sunday off from now on, until the next holiday season. Sunday’s are sometimes busy, and sometimes I just take a day to rest and recoup from a long week of work.

This Sunday in particular, the weather has notably warmed up and snow is melting fast, and I really didn’t get a chance to do some leisurely photo journal bogging. I went with one of my many photog friends and scoured the landscape, looking for scenes and wildlife… below are a few photos. I’m really lucky to have photog friends who like to just get out and spend a day on a photo excursion.


End of Winter Road Trip CGP-roadtrip-6 CGP-roadtrip-3



Maple in April Festival in Hadley, NY

Well, even though I have today off, I’m busy working on website edits for my own site and for a client site.

Edits for the client site is the Hadley Business Association site, they’ve requested to add updates and details for the upcoming 10th annual “Maple in April” festival.

The festival is another of my favorites! A great reminder that even though winter was both tough and beautiful, spring is on the way!